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Guess who's bizzack? (plot twist: I never left)

Sooooo, where do I start? Let's start with my reintroduction. Hello all, my name is Janessa. Some know me from the internets as Knockout Ness. If you don't know, i am a digital storyteller, hitting you with visuals on things and people that I find interesting. I am part-time videographer working towards that full-time freelance life. I impact lives on the regular at my job but I am looking to grow my scope and to me, my visuals and words fulfill that need for me. Here's the thing...

...can I be frank with you?

I have some serious performance anxiety.

...Like fear crippling anxiety that keeps me from posting my work. I have used this as a crutch for the longest. It's time to let it go. I am constantly working on something but maybe a good 25% of it makes it to the world due to it being client work. But what happens to my art? The things that matter to me? My anxiety and depression like to tag team me from time to time and again and again, I persevere. I deserve better and I need to work for it. Over the years and I have worked on my "happy" and intend on sharing it with you all. So take this as my commitment to my blog and the start of my journey of putting myself out there.

I'll see you around.

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